March 6th - European Frontier Technology Project Promotion Conference

On March 6th 2019, The Wujin Green Construction Zone hosted the European Frontier Technology Project Promotion Conference, with the Ingli International Technology Transfer Platform Project Exchange Activity being held in the Weilu Building. The Wujin District Urban Construction Bureau, the Science and Technology Bureau and six other departments accompanied by Green Building representatives from more than 30 companies participated in the exchange.

He Jun, deputy director of Wujin Green Construction Management Committee, mentioned that the Green Construction Zone will increase the international cooperation of green industry, build a bridge between local enterprises and international leading technology exchanges, support advanced technology, project introduction and hope to the convening of the promotion meeting will strengthen the understanding among enterprises in the region, jointly promote the brand promotion of the green building area, and realise the high-quality development of the park. 

Analyse the status quo of technology development in the UK and London, support the development of science and technology in the "hardware" and "software" environment and interpret the current preferential policies of British trade with China. At present, it is the best time for technology transfer and project landing.

Mr. Wang Weiguo, General Manager of Ingli China, analyses the development and current status of domestic technology transfer and brings six promotion projects.

Mr. Wang has carried out a detailed analysis of the current development and situation of the domestic technology transfer industry. With the increasing awareness of technological innovation in enterprises, the domestic technology transactions in recent years have come forward leaps and bounds, and the technology transfer services have a good external market environment. The world's advanced technology projects were quickly transferred to Chinese companies. Mr. Wang highlighted the service model of Ingrid and the seven UK strategic cooperation channels such as Cambridge Clean Technology Organization, Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, London Chamber of Commerce, British Chamber of Commerce and Cambridge University, which can provide accurate information docking for Chinese companies. One-stop service, such as professional technical consultation and efficient project landing. Develop ideas and resources for traditional enterprises in transformation, upgrading and innovation.

The promotion project mainly focuses on three aspects: green building, smart city and material technology”. It introduces six European frontiers such as “reusable building foundation”, “compact skyscraper stabilizer” and “intelligent data acquisition”. Science and technology projects, in which “composite surface treatment technology” has attracted great interest from participating companies and research institutions.

The meeting enhanced communication between enterprises and administrative services. Through the explanation of technology transfer services, it attracted the attention of many enterprises in the transformation of traditional technologies and created a win-win opportunity for cooperation, which gave Ingli a good start to seek common development with the government and enterprises!