Exhibition time From 28 June ,2019 to 28 July 2019

Exhibition siteShanghai Tower B2 floor 2000 square meters 119 floor 1847 square meters

SponsorShanghai Tower

OrganiserFanjing technology development (Shanghai) Co., LTD

Co-OrganiserShanghai Cultural Equipment Industry Association

Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association

Shanghai Internet of Things Industry Association

The exhibition will provide an overall 5G and cloud VR solution covering the B2 and 119th floor of the Shanghai Tower, which equipped with the most advanced communication, transmission, storage and data management equipment, to ensure the smooth operation of ultra-high precision digital content, and the creative interactive immersive experience of the virtual world, bringing a great experience to the audience.

A one-month network video studio will be set up on the 119th floor of the Shanghai Tower during the Creative Carnival, with the most advanced video transmission technology, planning and production of science and technology education interactive programs and make the creative technology contents gathering around Shanghai Tower, more widely spread to the country even to the world by means of interviews, experiences and exchanges. The brand culture and travel projects, which enable the audience to exceed 600,000, can expand the coverage of the audience to hundreds of millions of people online, fully reflecting the three-dimensional communication effect of the modern science and technology exhibition.

The vertical city: global XR creative carnival adopts virtual reality, augmented reality and other technological achievements that can be directly experienced by the public. By means of interactive entertainment to show the application of science and technology in all walks of life. It integrates the characteristics of science and technology and interest, as well as the frontier and reality. In the exhibition space where the sense of science and technology is combined with the sense of modernity via the large-scale equipment facilities on the B2 floor and the wearable devices on the 119 floor, to realise the innovation exhibition form that all people can participate in and create a new cultural tourism brand project.

To register your interest download the application form here and email it to: info@tech-valley.co.uk